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Wednesday Bible Study: Just Living

We will be studying Just Living by Dr. Kenyatta Gilbert, Professor of Homiletics at Howard University Divinity School.

Just Living is a devotional resource for an intergenerational, racially and ethnically diverse, politically and socially conscious lay readership for whom biblical scholarship and cultural criticism written in journalistic prose is highly valued.

Just Living Volume 1 provides devotional readers 13 meditations divided into three sections: (1) Distressing the Comfortable, (2) End of the White Throne, and (3) The Life-Giving of a Debt-Canceling God. Each meditation concludes with a prayer and personal reflective questions.

“My utmost hope in the course of your reading is that you spend some time in prayer, reflection, and come alive and experience a fresh appreciation for Scripture’s power to kindle the imagination, form us inwardly, and motivate us to meet our evermore pressing obligation of giving a grace-filled gospel feet in today’s world.” -Kenyatta R. Gilbert, Preface

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